A Spotify songs downloader for Android made with Jetpack Compose, Material You and the spotDL Python library.

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The Downloader page is meant to put the Spotify URL or query.


Search your favourite track, artist, and album. Pick the right one from the list to download.


You will see running downloads when you use the Searcher page to download audio files.


The direct Paste button on the Downloader page allows Spowlo to pick the copied URL from the Clipboard.


spotDL finds songs from Spotify playlists on YouTube and downloads them – along with album art, lyrics and metadata.

Spotify credentials

Spotify credentials can be used to get more precise results (and also faster). You can get them on the Spotify Developers dashboard panel.

Audio Format

It supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, and M4A. We recommend using OPUS format for decent-quality Audio, as other formats are just conversions.

Audio Quality

As Spowlo is taking the audio files from YouTube, it just originally downloaded them with 128K M4A and 160K OPUS quality. Remainings are just conversions.

Audio Provider

Available Audio providers are YouTube and YT Music. You can select either one or Both to get files from both.


Light and Dark themes are available and can follow the System’s default. In addition to it, the app offers all Material You colour pallets.


You can see the downloaded history by tapping on the little Music icon at the top right corner.

SpotifyMod Downloader

The best feature for sure. Spowlo allows users to download Spotify Mods, which are modified by the xManager team.


For most devices, it is recommended to install the ARM64-v8a version of the apk’s.

Size70 MB
UpdatedDecember 30, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spowlo?

A Spotify songs downloader powered by spotDL made with Jetpack Compose and Material You.

Does Spowlo download songs from Spotify?

No. It uses YT and YT Music.

What is the best format?

OPUS is the best format to download from Spowlo.

Are lyrics embedded into songs?

Yes, It embedded synced lyrics into the downloaded songs.

Is this project open-source?

Yes, 100%. Check the project source code in GitHub.

Does BobbyESP maintain this site?

No, This site is maintained by Android enthusiasts by offering official GitHub links.