[!WARNING] If the app crashes at start time, please clear app data

Since the last update broke the app for all Android 14 devices, I was forced to launch this hotfix.

What has been fixed

  • The app doesn’t crash anymore for Android 14 users
  • Added a notification for when the app crashes because of a bad database migration


Hello to you all guys! First of all thanks for using Spowlo.
Developing this app is not easy (and even more the 1.x.x that has a lot of spaguetti code) because of the technical difficulties that implies using Python behind the app for running spotDL.
These days I’m talking in the Telegram channel about the future of the app, and I’m really sad since I don’t have a clear one. I’m considering creating an evolution of Spowlo (a new app!) with all my most recent knowledgement, making as stable as possible.
Since SpotDL downloads from YT Music, my non-developer right hand in this project, Wolf, and the community in the Telegram channel gave me an idea that I think would be nice, and it’s to create a YT Music client with the downloader option embedding Spotify metadata. I will open a discuss for this release; I want to hear what you all think.

After this, here are the changes:

What has changed

  • Added a new search page with pagination
  • Added a crash handler page
  • Improved a little bit the app performance and code
  • Added the option of splitting folders by artist or playlist

What has been fixed

  • The app doesn’t crash anymore because of bad API calls
  • Audio file sharing from the history page now works


  • Updated yt-dlp to 2023.7.6 (now the app works xd)


  • Blocked SpotDL updates so we can focus on the Spowlo remake
  • Fixed app not downloading sometimes becuase of dependencies
  • Added SpotDL dependencies and bumped up embedded binary to 4.2.0